Risk score model for isolated tricuspid valve surgery

Interactive tool for in-hospital mortality prediction

Developed by:

Julien DREYFUS, Cardiology Department, Centre Cardiologique du Nord, Saint-Denis, France

Etienne AUDUREAU, Public Health Department, Henri Mondor University Hospital, Créteil, France

David MESSIKA-ZEITOUN, Cardiology Division, University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa, Canada





What is TRI-SCORE ?

It is a simple, accurate and dedicated risk-score model to predict outcome after isolated tricuspid valve surgery for severe tricuspid regurgitation at an individual level according to the pre-operative clinical, biological and echocardiographic presentation. It has been developed from 466 consecutive adult patients who underwent an isolated tricuspid valve surgery on native valve for non-congenital severe tricuspid regurgitation at 12 tertiary French centers between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2017. Its aim is to guide the clinical decision-making process in routine practice.


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